Bittens Addiction | Sara Azizi
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Sara Azizi

Picture of Sara Azizi

MSc Pharm, SUGAR-certified, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant, Soon-to-be yoga teacher


I have spend most of my adult life constantly dieting and have been in battle with my weight. It all culminated with bariatric surgery 10 years ago. I had very high hopes about the operation and simply thought that the happiness I was searching for would come with the surgery and my weight loss. Little did I know that my real healing journey was just beginning after the bariatric operation and not always the way I intended. The weight came off rather quick, I lost about 40 kg within 1,5-2 years after surgery. But I found myself emotionally, mentally and physically declining and I hit my health-rock bottom 6 years after the operation. My life literally changed when I read Bitten Jonssons book ‘Sugar bomb in your brain 3.0’ and attended a 4-day intensive with her.


I’m a licensed and certified Pharmacist. I also have knowledge about ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine) and yoga. My aim is to use the best from modern medicine/science and combine it with all the wisdom from ancient medicine and cultures. I think a holistic approach is a must and the only way we as human beings can be well and thrive.


Coaching skills:
Food addiction +
Bariatric surgery
Hormonal imbalance pre-menopause/menopause
Intermittent fasting
Medication review


Company: SAAYYA AB
City: Stockholm/Global

Phone: +46 721 520873