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Links & resources

Helpful links and resources 


Nutrition Network is an online accredited education, connection, and learning platform.


The CENAPS Corporation is a training and consultation firm, with over 40 years specializing in the treatment and recovery of substance use disorders, mental health disorders, and relapse prevention


SUGARx Global: The best way to overcome your sugar addiction is to join a community of individuals who are on the same path and get access to recovery specialists who know how to help.


Know Addiction Academy – regain your power and reclaim your life. Since 2016, we have treated hundreds of individuals to become free of their processed food/sugar addiction. We apply our long-term treatment through a chronic disease maintenance model with base in the needs of the individual client. We work out of Linköping, Sweden, and provide our services worldwide in English, Swedish, and Danish.


Logo Public health collaboration
 – Public Health Collaboration, informing healthy decisions.


Logo Food Junkies – Food Junkies is a very rewarding podcast with several excellent interviews. – Georgia Ede, psychiatrist using keto for mental illness. – Dr. Aseem Malhotra, cardiologist in England – David Avram Wolfe, dietitian/certified sugar/food addiction specialist – Ketogenic Girl – The Low Carb Universe – WellBalance – Let food be your medicine – Theresa Wright – Food Addiction Institute, latest research, experts, self-help groups, our largest international network. The most important website for us sugar/food addicts. – Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, video course with me about sugar addiction. Low Carb High Fat/keto, insulin resistance, health and more. – Follow Anna Fruheling, Peace of Keto.


Important sites to learn more Professor Robert Lustig, world renowned expert on sugar author of ”The case against sugar” and more Dr. Mark Hyman, brain repair If sugar is sabotaging your health Dr. Nicole Avena, leading researcher in sugaraddiction Dr. Selena Bartlett, researcher about sugaraddiction in your brain Professor Mark S Gold, addiction research one of the first to write about illnesses connected with sugar Professor Drew Edwards, reward deficiency syndrome World leading expert on relapse. His book Staying Sober is excellent, exchange the word “alcohol” for sugar and you get it. Emotional eating Nutrition Network – Education, Connection & Learning Platform Type 2 diabetes with Siobhan Dee Unsweetend life with Siobhan Harris New online treatment with David Wolfe


Addiction in general American Society of Addiction Medicine  Professor Markus Heilig, addiction research William L White, emeritus Senior research consultant Blum Kenneth Ph.D National Association of Addiction treatment Providers Terence Gorski, addiction and relapse


Screening, assessment, diagnostic, Alcohol and Drug diagnostic SUDDS, model for ADDIS About DSM-5 About  ICD-10 and ICD-11 Prevention and addiction Center


Self help/support groups self-help for women here are most groups listed closed self-help group on facebook “Sugarbomb in your brain“ closed self-help group on facebook about the food ”Sugarfree Cookbook” Sugar and Carb Addicts Anonymous Addictive Eaters OA Overeaters Anonymous,  FAA, Food Addicts Anonymous GSA, Grey Sheet Anonymous SMART

Many groups have a page on facebook too.


Spanish  Ximena De La Serna Keto Picht Resolve Food Addiction



Sugarbomb 3.0, mine and Pia Nordstroms book will be available in English in the future

Pure white and deadly, John Yudkin

Sugar Blues, William Dufty

The Hidden Addiction and how to get free, Janice Keller Phelps and Alan Nourse

Why diets fail, Dr Nicole Avena

Food Junkies, by Dr Vera Tarman and Phil Werdell

Food and Addiction, a comprehensive handbook, Mark S. Gold and Kelly D. Brownell

The Addictive Personality, by Craig Nakken

The Hacking of the American mind, Robert Lustig

The Case against Sugar, Gary Taubes

Terence T Gorski, Staying sober

And many more…