Bittens Addiction | Events
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Upcoming events


Here is a summary of upcoming courses, lectures and events that I or any of my certified HAM therapists will hold. At each event there is a link to detailed information on the organizer’s website. If you have questions about any event, please contact its organizer.


May, 2022

A whole week focusing on sugar addiction and metabolic dysfunction. May 2022 in Bristol, UK. Knowledge about and tools to recover from this devastating brain illness.

  • May 15th-18th Four-Day Intensive with me and Dr Jen Unwin.
    4-Day Intensive
  • May 20th First international sugar/food addiction conference, head speaker Dr Paul Earley, me and many others.
    Poster - Earley May 20th
  • May 21th-22nd conference about metabolic illness and how to recover with ”Real food rocks”.
    Speakers list - PHC and IFA Conference May 2022
    Register here

Public Health Collaboration more information will come on their website.