Bittens Addiction | Events
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Upcoming events


Here is a summary of upcoming courses, lectures, and events that I or any of my certified HMA specialists will hold. At each event, there is a link to detailed information on the organizer’s website. If you have questions about any event, please contact its organizer.


Previous events


April 2023

  • April 21–22: Preventing Relapse Symposium – join me for this first Preventing Relapse Symposium and learn how to stop the relapse cycle, how to identify and manage your inner saboteur and much more. My talk will be about a model of relapse prevention therapy to manage sugar and processed food addictions. Learn more. Register here!


March 2023



January 2023

  • January 16-22: The 10th Quit Sugar Summit – strengthen, enhance, and boost your immune system by understanding the role sugar plays in your life and learn easy, proven ways to reduce or eliminate sugar forever! I’ll be speaking on the 19th. Register here.


November 2022

  • November 3: World Nutrition Summit – join me for The Addiction Symposium, bringing together world-renowned leaders on one virtual stage focused on understanding, managing, and dealing with sugar and food addiction.
    Register and buy tickets here.


September 2022

  • September 26 – October 2: The 9th Annual Quit Sugar Summit.
    The world’s leading experts will give you all the new emerging info on sugar and give you a step-by-step strategy for reducing sugar. I’m one of the speakers at this year’s event and I would love for you to join.



  • September 1–8: Join me and 60+ world experts for the 8th annual Kick Sugar Summit 2022.
    Register for the free online event here: Kick Sugar Summit.

Full schedule here.