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4 day intensive workshop in Bristol, UK

4 day intensive workshop info

SUGAR netversion

Finally, after many years we are launching SUGAR netversion, contact me or Börje Dahl , a dream come true. Börje will talk about it at #25osockradeår today.


The online version comes in Swedish and English, to start with.


SUGAR netversion


Sugar addiction at Nutrition Network

Two classes with Bitten in this LCHF teaching module with Nutrition Network.

Click here access all courses and go to the module Nutrition Network Advisor Training




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HAM 2020

4 day intensive workshop in Boston

Click here for more information

Episode Number 2: How The Drug Sensitizes the Brain with Bitten Jonsson Join us in Boston for our Intensive Oct 17-20th!

Publicerat av David Wolfe Fredag 28 juni 2019

New video in Spanish

Video about SUGAR in spanish