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First International sugar/food addiction conference

A whole week focusing on sugar addiction and metabolic dysfunction. May 2022 in Bristol, UK. Knowledge about and tools to recover from this devastating brain illness.
May 15 – 18,  4day intensive with me and Dr Jen Unwin,
May 20th the first International sugar/food addiction conference, head speaker Dr Paul Earley, me and many others.

Poster - Earley May 20th


May 21st – 22nd conference about metabolic illnesses and how to recover with “Real food rocks”.

Speakers list - PHC and IFA Conference May 2022

Register here


Public Health Collaboration more information will come on their website.



The 12th October is now the official Sugar-Free day in the calendar.

Click on the link or image to read more and register: 
The 12th October is now the official Sugar-Free - flyer



NEXT training November 30th!

For more information and register click here:
SUGAR - Next training - flyer


Four-day intensive workshop in Bristol, UK:

Due to the pandemic, this event is now scheduled for May 15th to May 18th, 2022.   #4dayintensive

Click Here to Register for the Four-Day Intensive!


Click here to read more about the HMA® Certification Course.

Click here to Register for HMA® Training.



New community for sugar addiction!

SUGARx Global, The best way to overcome your sugar addiction is to join a community of individuals who are on the same path.
Gain access to recovery specialists who know how to help!



All the proof you need:

Poster Processed Food Addiction


Online Group

A message from my Wingman and wolfbrother 😊 Please subscribe to this here

“I’m so excited to let you know that my live online sugar addiction groups are finally about to begin. They will be happening two times a month on Zoom. If you are interested in attending please let me know so I can set up a personalized account just for you.

I have been meaning to get this going for quite some time. When baby Willow came, I had to put that dream / goal on hold. Now that she’s 11 months (I can not believe nearly one year has gone by), I’m ready to commit to helping all of you heal together.

If you are seeking food recovery in one form or another join us for support. I will be bringing all of my years of experience working with sugar addicts to the table.

We can all recover together! I am more than willing to help you reach all your individual goals!

Best Regards, Dave

PS You may even get the chance to meet willow from time to time ”

Poster Wolfe In Group


SUGAR netversion

Finally, after many years we are launching SUGAR netversion, contact me or Börje Dahl, a dream come true.

The online version is currently in Swedish and English. Coming soon in Norwegian, Danish and Spanish.

To find a certified professional look here

SUGAR netversion


Sugar addiction at Nutrition Network

Two classes with Bitten in this LCHF teaching module with Nutrition Network.

Click here access all courses and go to the module Nutrition Network Advisor Training