Bittens Addiction | Science
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To keep up-to-date on recent research on ”sugar / flour addiction”, read the following books and visit the following pages:


Diet Doctor

DietDoctor, video lectures with me explaining sugar addiction and what to do. One of the best site explaining metabolic syndrome, cholesterol and much more.


FoodAddiction Institute Logo

Food Addiction Institute


The Hacking of the American Mind

The latest book by Professor Robert Lustig

The Hacking of the American Mind

Important article by Dr Lustig


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Professor Robert Lustig, //


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and read this book

FOOD and ADDICTION a comprehensive handbook

Dr Mark S Gold M.D. & Kelly D Brownell


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Dr. Nicole Avena, neuroscientist

More science from Dr. Avena:

Tossing the baby out with the bathwater after a brief rinse? The potential downside of dismissing food addiction based on limited data

Why Are We Consuming So Much Sugar Despite Knowing Too Much Can Harm Us?

Evidence for sugar addiction: Behavioral and neurochemical effects of intermittent, excessive sugar intake


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Dr. David A Kessler M.D.

This is just a fraction of everything to read about sugar / flour dependency. Google and you will find much more..

Sugar bomb 3.0 in English soon