Bittens Addiction | My mission
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My mission

I am a recovering addict since September 1985 and have several outlets, the number one being sugar and I see when I look back that it started at a very young age. When I was 4 years I stole sugar cubes in the kitchen whenever I could. The rest is history as they say. After being in treatment for my alcoholism, a consequence of my sugar addiction, I started my journey in to recovery for which I am extremely grateful. For me, sugar was the “gateway” drug. My Mission today is to “free” addicts, especially “sugar addicts” from being a slave to the drug.
Very few understand addiction in its full force and even fewer regard sugar/flour/processed foods as a drug with psychoactive characteristics. The people afflicted seldom understand and/or see themselves as addicted and that will hinder recovery for many years and result in a tremendous amount of negative consequences. That is due to the drug’s effect on our brain. My mission is to spread knowledge about sugar addiction to the afflicted and to teach and train professionals how to screen, assess, evaluate and diagnose sugar addiction. and how to help individuals to detox from “drug foods” and find long lasting recovery. My holistic model is based on ASAM, s definition of addiction PDF and a combination of traditional medicine and integrated functional medicine. I am a board member of Food Addiction Institute, for the last eight years and follow their mission. You are welcome to share my journey, knowledge and experience.