Bittens Addiction | Bitten’s story
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Bitten’s story

Welcome to my website!


As of this writing (2022), it has been 37 years since I was first introduced to addiction medicine in the United States. Addiction medicine became an established specialty in the US in 1954. Sweden is still about 20 years behind in many aspects, but we are making progress. This year marks my 27th year since I started my journey into food addiction, which I now call sugar addiction. To read more on that topic please go to the Addiction/Sugar tab.


Over the years, I have had the good fortune to collaborate with many professionals and treat thousands of people worldwide. Through these collaborations, I have developed a deep understanding of the brain disease addiction and I have developed a unique treatment method called Holistic Addiction Medicine. I have trained many professionals in my native country and now it is time to bring Holistic Medicine for Addiction (HMA) to you. For further information about this course please go to Professionals/Holistic Medicine for Addiction and SUGAR®.


All addiction begins in the brain, regardless of the drug, so I work with ASAM’s definition of Addiction Interaction Disorder which aims to correct the dysfunctions of the brain’s circuitry. The word addiction comes from the Latin word addicere, which means being a slave to something. Addictions are powerful and lead to hundreds of deaths every day. More information can be found under the tab ADDICTION.


I am a registered nurse, addiction specialist and ADDIS®/SUGAR® authorized (addiction screening, assessment, and diagnostic tools) and currently offer courses and training for professionals. Today there are many very skilled counselors all over the world to whom I refer any clients that contact me. My mission is to bring knowledge and experience to others so that more people are able to diagnose and treat this fatal disease, addiction, in order to free people from this painful illness and to decrease shame and stigma. I hope you will join me.