Bittens Addiction | What about food?
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What about food?

Important information: The websites about LCHF (low carb high fat) and keto foods – there are many today – are not geared towards sugar addiction so remember to read everything there with lots of knowledge about sugar addiction.


Removing the ”drug meal” (sugar/flour) is a prerequisite for recovery. Start by deciding that just for today I will abstain from my drug. That’s all you have control over, all you overeat, cannot stop eating once you begin, anything that leads you back to the ”drug”.


You may disagree with the word DRUG, but I know that the only way for us to recover is to understand addiction and realize that we are dealing with certain things.


Here you will find a shopping list of food groups that we can eat. Start by cleaning out your home from “drug foods”. Start by eating three meals a day. A meal should consist of vegetables, which you can eat both hot and cold, protein and fat. Here’s a keto food plan for the first 21 days.


Join the Sugarbomb in your brain and Sugarfree cookbook groups on Facebook, where you can get support from others to implement this change.


The next step is to work on exactly how you need to eat. Like a car, we all need fuel but each of us needs a different fuel mix because we are each biochemically unique. Finding that mixture is sometimes a matter of trial and error, which means you will try out different things. Some of us have trouble eating the right amount of food, even healthy ones, and I like to use the term ”volume addiction”. The biochemistry behind this is very interesting and may be due to a lack of oxytocin.


One way to figure out your specific fuel mix is ​​to start a food diary. Many people do not like to do this and think it is a nuisance, but many who do this see it in the end as a loving dialogue with their bodies.


We are genetically adapted for a certain diet, with what we call biologically appropriate foods, and processed foods that contain chemicals, sugar, and flour are not.


Many times we think that ”if I only eat ‘right’ I will become free of my sugar addiction”. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. I usually say that the food is 10% of the complete recovery process. We need a lot of knowledge and many tools to live with the disease of addiction, which is chronic. You will learn about this in time.


Many of us have hormone disorders of all kinds such as lack of enzymes, hydrochloric acid, vitamins, and mineral deficiencies. We often have hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance which leads to a myriad of illnesses, overloaded liver, exhausted adrenal glands, and gastrointestinal problems with a damaged intestinal flora. All of this may mean that we initially feel worse eating the new food, and the withdrawal symptoms can be horrible at times. Many of us have hidden food intolerances caused by eating foods that cause inflammation in the body as the consequences of years of eating the wrong foods for our genetic makeup. But the worst is the volatile blood sugar due to an overproduction of insulin.


So, at first, we may need to feel worse before we feel better. We may need help with what I call biochemical repair, which means that we need help with a special diet and often some dietary supplements, for example supplements for inflammation, enzymes, hydrochloric acid supplements, probiotics, etc. to make it possible to make the lifestyle changes that are necessary to make it possible for us to live with our disease daily in a way that provides quality of life without feeling deprived. In short, a harmonious and joyful life. See a list of trained professionals that can help with biochemical repair here.

I can recommend the following websites for more information:


They do not treat that specific addiction but provide good basic knowledge of the new thinking around the food.


More information will follow.

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