Bittens Addiction | Professional training
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Professional training

Bitten and the horse

Professional Training in Sugar / Food Addiction
Available Now!


There are still very few counselors with specialized training in sugar / flour and processed food addiction that includes effective screening, assessment, evaluation and treatment. There are many professionals trained in nutrition, eating disorders and methods of dealing with emotional eating and / or endocrine dysfunction – but not addiction. Even fewer practitioners are trained in the highly beneficial process of biochemical repair or in the pro-active treatment of Addiction Interaction Disorder (AID). This knowledge and specialty are in high demand, worldwide.


That’s why I launched my first Holistic Medicine for Addiction (HMA) training for food addiction professionals in 2012. Since then, due to growing interest in my methods, I’ve expanded and further developed my course as a more advanced training. It’s now divided into multiple ”Blocks” which can be studied individually or undertaken as a collective whole. Newly added is an optional Case Management Certification training block that’s more in-depth than the previously offered Sugar Addiction Counselor Certification .


HMA Certification Training is ideal for those who are either working (or wish to work) professionally in the healthcare industry with specialized skills. It’s a wise choice for doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, addiction counselors, nutritional specialists, dietitians, diabetes specialists, obesity specialists, personal trainers and other healthcare personnel. It’s well-suited for anyone who encounters people who cannot control their use of sugar, flour and / or other processed foods.


During the nearly 40 years I’ve worked in addiction medicine, I’ve treated thousands of clients, gaining worldwide recognition for expertise and experience in the addiction field. I’m dedicated to sharing that knowledge with those who are interested. My training as a Registered Nurse has also influenced my addiction treatment methods, combining tools of traditional medicine with tools of ortho-molecular and integrative medicine. With almost four decades of varied professional experience, I’m able to offer a unique, holistic approach to addiction medicine.


When I first started working in this field, I had only a few colleagues. Today, we have a supportive, international network that’s continuously growing. These skills are in high-demand and the future of this field is quite bright! Please contact me if you’d like to receive a full curriculum.


Here’s some great news:


  • Exciting new lecturers (many of whom are world-class pioneers in their fields) are being added to each training block.