Bittens Addiction | Professional training
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Professional training

Bitten and the horse

There are still very few counselors with special training in sugar/flour/food addiction, screening, assessment, evaluation and treatment. There are many with a lot of nutritional training, training in how to deal with emotional eating, eating disorders and other problem eating, but not addiction.

Even fewer are trained in biochemical repair and A.I.D. – Addiction Interaction Disorder and it’s treatment. This is why I started the first training for professionals in October 2012. In 2019, I will hold the seventh 1-year distance online course in Holistic Addiction Medicine. Nowadays the SUGAR® certification training is included but is can also be done separately.

During the fall of 2018, the first nine professionals were certified. Both programs are for professionals who are trained in healthcare for example, doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, addiction counselors, nutritional specialist, dietitians, diabetes specialists, obesity specialists and/or anyone that treats people who experience loss of control over sugar and flour.

During the 33 years I have worked with addiction medicine, I have treated thousands of clients and have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience in the field and I am happy to share that experience with those who are interested. I also combine my training as a nurse in traditional medicine with tools from ortho-molecular and integrative medicine. I work with a holistic approach on sugar addiction.

I am working on translating my third book, Sockerbomben 3.0 ( Sugarbomb 3.0 ) which I wrote together with Pia Nordström, a medical journalist. Meanwhile please read Dr. Vera Tarman and Phil Werdell’s book Food Junkies, latest version

Food junkies

I have been a board member of the Food Addiction Institute for 8 years and we started talking about a certification training many years ago and in 2017 the dream came true and my colleague from Iceland, Esther Helga Gudmundsdottir, started INFACT and I am very grateful to be one of her teachers.

When I started working in this field I had only a few colleagues and today we have an international network that is constantly growing, The future is certainly brighter now.

Check out the trainings available today and don’t hesitate to contact me.