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SUGAR® Certification for professionals

Next SUGAR® Training Course start November 2020.


NEW’S From 1st of September 2019 the interview is done thru a “net-version” which simplifies the whole process.


A letter from Dahl and Dahl

“The future in addiction medicine is digital – the time of the paper and the pen is over.
SUGAR Net is our way of adapting to the technological generation shift that health
care and social services are in right now.


The hunt for the disease concept is now done with the help of various web services,
such as I-pads, test results via mobile’s, web-based communication, patients who are
offered their records via the net, or screening themselves with the help of various
apps etc.
The Government’s goal in Sweden is to be the world leader in the field of digital care
by 2025, and allocate, together with The Swedish Association of Local Authorities
and Regions one billion SEK for the purpose. We are now investing in keeping up
with developments and securing SUGAR for future addiction treatment.


Save time and money for business – increase patient safety and privacy.
Of course, we understand that each business needs to review its expenses, that has
always been important, and for those of our users who are used to making their
SUGAR interviews manually, the transition to SUGAR Net can certainly feel both
expensive and unimaginable.
But we are sure that this will free time for practitioners, save money for businesses
and provide faster, safer assessments for patients.


It is significant improvements technically and in terms of content.
Everything you type into SUGAR Net is automatically generated in texts, all
checklists are completed, the addiction curve as well. The “only” requirement is to
make the diagnostic assessment, and issue recommendations.
The interviews are stored in a secure database and can be used for their own studies
and also provide the basis for necessary evidence studies in the future.


We hope you will join us.
Already now, all practitioners have the opportunity to sign agreements with us and
start using the tool immediately when it is ready – hopefully in May.
Then the old paper handling also disappears and is replaced by the new digital
system, which will be the only way to continue with SUGAR.
Of course, we hope that you will continue to use the instrument and that you want to
follow us into the world of new technology.


Börje and Karl Dahl
Dahl and Dahl prevention & addiction center. “

Information see SUGAR License for details.


In the fall of 2018, the very first international class was conducted. Today there is 50 professionals certified, spread in several countries. The first class in Sweden took place 2013.


Certified Professionals here.


Bitten Jonsson, is holding the license to certifie in SUGAR and offering a certified training course for the first assessment tool specifically dedicated to addiction/pathological use of sugar, flour and/or food.


What is SUGAR®?

The assessment and evaluation tool SUGAR® is a structured interview that examines the client’s relationship with sugar, flour, processed food and related consequences. Prior to the development of SUGAR® there was no diagnostic instrument available for “food addiction” although a number of screening tools do exist such as UNCOPE S, Yale scale, self-assessment questionnaires, etc.


SUGAR® is based on the diagnostic criteria for harmful use, pathological use and addiction to mind-altering ( psychoactive ) drugs as described in the ICD-10 (International Classification of Diseases) from WHO. The instrument will be upgraded to ICD 11 soon. New research has shown that sugar/flour, and highly processed foods can act as psychoactive drugs on peoples reward system, especially those with a predisposition towards addiction.


SUGAR® is a tool for professionals who work with people who may have developed problematic or even chemical dependence, addiction to sugar / flour / food.


From the instrument the assessment will determine if the client has harmful use or pathological use ( addiction ) and the addiction development curve will show the clients relationship with sugar / flour / food in chronological order and is the best motivational tool available today and has shown to increase compliance to treatment protocol.


After the training, you will be able to:

  • Ask specific questions and create a therapeutic environment that will enable you to analyze the information collected from the SUGAR® assessment that is based on diagnostic criteria and knowledge about addiction medicine.
  • Compile the information gathered through SUGAR® in a way that the client and/or administrator and/or referral organization can understand and assimilate.
  • Assist the client to gain insight into their problems, break through denial, gain insight on how to receive help and direct the client to the appropriate treatment.


Only practitioners/professionals certified in SUGAR® are authorized to use this assessment tool. Authorization for this tool requires completion of the SUGAR® training and certification course.


The purpose of the training is to learn how to use SUGAR® which is based on internationally approved criteria for dependence according to diagnostic criteria of the ICD 10 for harmful use and addiction.


SUGAR® is a tool that can help distinguish between ”harmful use” such as stress eating, emotional eating, and or harmful lifestyle eating versus the very intractable, chronic and serious disease of sugar / flour / food addiction. This distinction is vital in order to provide adequate treatment for sugar/food addiction, as the treatment is different for the different conditions. Imbedded in the tool is screening for other outlets and addictions, mainly alcohol, subscription pills and street drugs, in order to assess for Addiction Interaction Disorder “These important screening address the need to understand Addiction Interaction Disorder as one illness with many outlets”


Prerequisites for the certification course for SUGAR® – at least one of the following:

  • Certification in Holistic Addiction Medicine- HAM. (For more information on HAM certification course, please see separate flyer)
  • Prior participation in training with Bitten Jonsson
  • Prior participation in the ACORN professional intensive
  • Prior participation in the INFACT course
  • Certification in ADDIS® or ADDIS® adolescent
  • Nutrition specialist
  • Licensed dietician or nutritional advisor
  • Academic degree in health and/or social fields (e.g. physician, nurse, psychologist, social worker, psychotherapist etc.)
  • Alcohol / drug counselor
  • A minimum of fourteen hours prior training in alcohol and/or drug addiction (for professionals who do not work in the field of addiction but want to expand their knowledge


Special cases:

If you have no prior formal education in the health, social or addiction fields, exceptions can be granted for those with several years of work experience in the foodaddiction/nutrition/alcohol/drug area.


In this case you will be certified to conduct interviews, make judgments and propose actions, but the final responsibility and signature will be required by a professional fully certified in SUGAR®


* Holistic Addiction Medicine- HAM is a European certified specifically for sugar addiction, developed by Bitten Jonsson and includes biochemical repair. SUGAR® training is included in the HAM curriculum from 2019.


Training Course

The training includes both theory and interactive engagement.


Se separate flyer for full curriculum and outline


PHASE ONE: Lecture series

  • What is addiction, and Addiction Interaction Disorder, current diagnostic criteria for chemical dependence ( ICD 10 )
  • Sugar addiction, background and research.
  • SUGAR® interview: background, development, aims, rationale, interview techniques including role playing, feedback, assessment and action plan.
  • SUGAR® interview. Privacy, confidentiality and application to personal professional needs
  • Summary including assessment of the symptoms. Proposals for implementation and treatment. Role play: to meet the client with the result. The therapeutic motivational interview where the client meets reality.


PHASE TWO: Supervised practical training – 2 case studies

Tutoring will be via live zoom seminars and will be recorded for free access to the tutorial .


In this phase the student will plan and execute the SUGAR® assessment under instructor supervision including completion of the SUGAR form, transferring data to the relevant checklists, compiling the symptoms curve, assessment and analysis of the results and recommendation for an action or treatment plan.


Participation in a closed Facebook group will be offered to develop skills in an online peer group setting.


PHASE THREE: Final Examination

The final examination will be performed upon completion of the theoretical and practical training including submission of three case studies for review.


The examination consists of:

  • A written test.
  • Practical implementation of a self-case report.


Once you have successfully completed the course requirements and final exam you will be certified in the use of the SUGAR® assessment tool.



The training does not provide certification to conduct ADDIS® or ADDIS Adolescent® interviews.

In order to obtain authorization to use the ADDIS® or ADDIS Adolescent® tool one must undergo specific certification training for this tool. (See



  • SUGAR® certification course – 1292 US dollars
  • License for net version 400 USD/year (included is unlimited supervision and updating of instrument)


For more information, curriculum and application please contact:

Bitten Jonsson, Reg. Nurse Addiction Specialist, ADDIS / SUGAR Cert.


Tammskanalvag 11 C S-820 64 Nasviken, Sweden


Mobile: + 46 70 643 7373

Facebook: Bittens Addiction

Twitter: Bitten Jonsson


References and recommendations:

David Wolfe Reg Dietitian, SFAC, S

SUGAR is of paramount importance as a tool. I fee ethically that it is necessary to differentiate between addiction and other disorders. It focuses on the need for abstinence based solution. SUGAR will help you professionally in so many ways.
+1 (617) 388-7481

Clarissa Kennedy, RSW, IFAC, BComm

I am pleased to provide a Letter of Recommendation for Bitten Jonsson and the SUGAR® training course that she teaches.


Bitten is a dedicated, committed teacher with many years of experience in the field of sugar/flour and/or food addiction. She teaches from a front line perspective which allows a deeper understanding of how to effectively use the tool SUGAR® with your clients. She has confidence in herself and demonstrated success with this tool and she will inspire confidence in you as well.


Bitten is easily able to capture the attention of the class by providing real life examples and mentoring her students in real time while they are working through their own test cases. Her sense of humour makes learning fun and speaking about difficult topics enjoyable. Her confidence helps ease students Her hand on approach to teaching the class is essential in grasping how to conquer any difficulties or challenges that the students were experiencing. The online classroom environment was enhanced by having like-minded skilled professional’s in the field provide feedback on your personal test cases and share their own struggles in administering the SUGAR® tool for the first time with their test cases. Bitten has all of the core competencies required to predict success in your understanding of the assessment and mapping tool SUGAR® This perspective is based upon my years of experience working and upgrading my skills in the addictions field.


In my experience of using SUGAR® with my food addiction clients it has been a game changer for them. It provides them with a visual demonstration of how their sugar/flour/ and/or food addiction has controlled their life and it confronts their denial head on. I have found this tool helps clients move from a stage of preparation to action as it breaks down their final barriers to beginning the recovery process. I also have found that it helped me to better understand addiction interaction disorder and strengthened my assessment and determination of the most appropriate treatment plan for them.


In summary, I highly recommend Bitten Jonsson and the SUGAR® course as having this certification will enhance your practice. It is a key tool in understanding the intricacies of sugar/flour/ and/or food addiction.


+1 905 977 0230

More referrals upon request

Revised February 2020