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Here you can find interesting videos and podcasts that I participate in
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Bittens videos and podcasts

Link to my youtube:




Videos and podcasts with me:

February 17th, 2022 Dr. Pete & T: Bitten Jonsson-Sugar Addiction!

Video coverage of Bitten and Dr Pete and T


January 26th, 2021 FOOD JUNKIES PODCAST – Episode 5 Bitten Jonsson


January 23th, 2021 Quit Sugar Summit 2021 Live with Mike Collins and Bitten Jonsson


January 15-30th, 2021 You’re not too late! This is a life-changeing online event is called The Magnificent Midlife Woman: Awaken your spirit, heal your body and live your best life.
The entire event is completely free, and even better, the interviews are under 30 minutes and really interesting!
Join here
Poster MMW21


January 11-17th, 2021 Join me on the 6th Annual Quit Sugar Summit that kicks off January 11th through January 17th, 2021!
The summit is 100% virtual and 100% free.
Join here
Poster Quit Sugar Summit 2021


November 23th, 2020 LOW CARB MD podcast – Episode 148: Bitten Jonsson


September 23th, 2020 Listen to 67 – Bitten Jonsson and SUGAR from Unsweetened Sio in Podcasts


May 16th, 2020 Public Health Collaboration May 2020, online


April 18th, 2020 Questions and answers with me, Joan Ifland and Vera Tarman, hosted by Florence Christophers from Kicksugarsummit April 18th 2020


September 16th, 2019 Intermittent Fasting – For a Food Addict? Call it Starvation! With Bitten Jonsson and Dr Vera Tarman


September 11th, 2019 Listen to 23 – Sugar Addiction Specialist: Bitten Jonsson from Unsweetened Sio in Podcasts


June 13th, 2019 Diabetes type 2 and sugar addiction


Mars 8th, 2019 Video about SUGAR in spanish


October 24th, 2018 The Beyond The Food Show – Episode 161 – Are You a Sugar Addict? with Bitten Jonsson


Other interesting videos and podcasts:


Image for youtube video - Sugar Addiction and AID

Mars 12th, 2022 Sugar Addiction and AID – Annica Strandberg and Anna Fruehling, from Sugar X Global are talking about AID – Addiction Interaction Disorder, and the fact that Addiction is Addiction, no matter what outlet you have!


December 9th, 2020 Listen to 78 – Sugar Addiction with Dr. Jen Unwin from Unsweetened Sio in Podcasts—Sugar-Addiction-with-Dr–Jen-Unwin-enc6hp


November 18th, 2020 Unsweetened Sio – Episode 75 – The addiction chronicles: Dave A. Wolfe, Food addiction counselor and sugar addiction coach


September 30th, 2020 Listen to this Q and A with Gary Taubes for the Sugar-Free September Series. Topic:
Sugar toxicity, sugar addiction and all the reasons why to quit sugar


Inspiring videos about sugaraddiction, both English and Swedish