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Bitten’s videos and podcasts

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Videos and podcasts with me:


March 13, 2024: Family Health Lab – How to HEAL THE BRAIN from carb addiction. Bitten’s first addiction insights, why sugar is the hardest addiction, how processed foods are psychoactive substances, and much more.
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Spotify and YouTube.


Jan 21, 2024: Brain Chemistry Is Running the Show: Lana McAra, Carb Addict, Now Carnivore, talks with Bitten about how she learned about addiction, brain chemistry, and the importance of diagnosing. It’s not about willpower!
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Diet Doctor video course on sugar addiction – 12 episodes

Q&A with Bitten (scroll down)


Dr. Philip Ovadia: Addiction is a primary chronic illness that can manifest in various forms, including food addiction. Bitten Jonsson brings to light the importance of understanding addiction as a primary illness and the work our brain does to heal from addiction. Bitten recounts her own battle with addiction and road to recovery.
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Low Carb MD Podcast – episode 148: Bitten Jonsson

Jan 14, 2024:
Bitten on how the brain is very sensitive to fluctuating blood sugar – from the 11th Quit Sugar Summit.

Bitten on how restoring energy is the key – from the 11th Quit Sugar Summit.

Kick Sugar Summit #9: Bitten Jonsson talks about how addiction is a brain illness and sugar is a psychoactive drug, paving the way for other outlets – sugar is the gateway drug. We are not psychological beings, but biochemical beings with psychological behaviors.


Aug 9, 2023: Why sugar addiction is a family illness, caused by a broken brain – Matty Lansdown with Bitten Jonsson, covering the three categories of sugar addiction, how to know if you are an addict, how the modern food landscape is highly toxic to your brain, how high blood sugar and high insulin fry your brain, vegan and vegetarian foods are nutrient deficient, and much more. Listen on Apple podcast or on Spotify.

July 18, 2023: Food Sobriety: Dr. Sarah Zaldivar, Ph.D., in exercise physiology and nutrition, talks with addiction specialist Bitten Jonsson about her story, how she learned about addiction, brain chemistry, false thoughts, and more.
Listen here.


June 23, 2023: Casey Ruff, Boundless Body Radio talks with Bitten Jonsson about her story, sugar addiction, how to diagnose addiction, dopamine downregulation, sugar as the gateway drug, one day at a time, insulin resistance, and much more:
Listen here:


April 13, 2023: Chatting Fit: Finlay MacLaren talks with Bitten Jonsson about her story, sugar addiction, how to diagnose addiction, sugar as the gateway drug, and much more – join us for a fascinating conversation:
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February 17, 2023: Vivalicious: In today’s episode, Bitten Jonsson talks about Holistic Medicine for Addiction (HMA®) where she offers online training for professionals. Bitten has also developed a diagnostic tool to map whether clients have a harmful use or addiction. Listen here.

September 21, 2022: Unsweetened Sio: In today’s episode, Bitten Jonsson asks the question: Is the illness of addiction the worst thing that can happen, or is it a blessing in disguise? Listen here.
August 23, 2022: Susan Birch – The Health Detective: Bitten explains the important distinctions between social use, harmful use, and addictions. We also talk about children, why diet matters, and how we can set them up for problems later in life when we don’t understand the difference between a child who likes sugar and one who is addicted. We have a far-reaching conversation talking about where addiction starts – at the intersection of how our individual genetics respond to the environment and how sugar is the gateway drug to other addictions.

Watch the interview here:


August 5, 2022: This talk from the PHC conference is ‘What is Addiction Interactive Disorder?’ by Bitten Jonsson exploring the challenges of food and sugar addiction compared to accepted addictions.–HDPwZCQ


February 17, 2022: Dr. Pete & T: Bitten Jonsson – sugar addiction!

Video coverage of Bitten and Dr Pete and T


January 26, 2021: Food Junkies Podcast, episode 5 – Bitten Jonsson


January 23, 2021: Quit Sugar Summit 2021 with Mike Collins and Bitten Jonsson


January 15-30, 2021: You’re not too late! This life-changing online event is called The Magnificent Midlife Woman: Awaken your spirit, heal your body and live your best life. The entire event is completely free and even better, the interviews are under 30 minutes long and really interesting!
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January 11-17, 2021: Join me on the 6th Annual Quit Sugar Summit that kicks off January 11th through January 17th, 2021!
The summit is 100% virtual and 100% free.
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September 23, 2020: Listen to #67 – Bitten Jonsson and SUGAR from Unsweetened Sio in podcasts


May 16, 2020: Public Health Collaboration, online


April 18, 2020: Questions and answers with Joan Ifland, Vera Tarman and me, hosted by Florence Christophers from Kick Sugar Summit April 18, 2020


September 16, 2019: Intermittent Fasting – For a Food Addict? Call it starvation! With Bitten Jonsson and Dr. Vera Tarman


September 11, 2019: Listen to #23 – sugar addiction specialist Bitten Jonsson on Unsweetened Sio in podcasts


June 13, 2019: Type 2 diabetes and sugar addiction


March 8, 2019: Video about SUGAR in Spanish


October 24, 2018: The Beyond The Food Show – episode #161: Are you a sugar addict? with Bitten Jonsson


Other interesting videos and podcasts:


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April 18, 2022: Giving up the love affair with carbs | Tia’s carnivore success story


Image for youtube video - Sugar Addiction and AID

Mars 12, 2022: Sugar addiction and AID – Annica Strandberg and Anna Fruehling from Sugarx Global talk about AID – Addiction Interaction Disorder, and the fact that addiction is addiction, no matter what outlet you have!


December 9, 2020: Listen to #78 – Sugar addiction with Dr. Jen Unwin from Unsweetened Sio in Podcasts—Sugar-Addiction-with-Dr–Jen-Unwin-enc6hp


November 18, 2020: Unsweetened Sio – Episode #75 – The addiction chronicles: Dave A. Wolfe, Food addiction counselor and sugar addiction coach


September 30, 2020: Listen to this Q and A with Gary Taubes for the Sugar-Free September Series. Topic: Sugar toxicity, sugar addiction, and all the reasons why to quit sugar


Inspiring videos about sugar addiction, in both English and Swedish