Bittens Addiction | Sugar Addiction
Sugar Addiction treatment and education
Sugar Addiction, Food Addiction
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The word addiction comes from the Latin word addicere and one  meaning of that is  ”being a slave” to.

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”Sugarbomb in your brain ”, please make sure to answer the
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Scientists have warned for many years  that sugar is detrimental to our health and called it The White Poison. Others have said that our brain needs sugar and therefore it is not dangerous. Is it possible that both sides are right? Depending on whom and what they mean,  the answer is yes and both can be right.

The world’s most advanced motivational tool is here:
The SUGAR® diagnostic instrument, based on DSM-5 and ICD-10 (soon to be ICD-11). 

Dare to diagnose sugar and food addiction!
For details about the next Certification training for professionals, visit the SUGAR page.