Bittens Addiction | Certified/Licensed SUGAR® Professionals
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Certified/Licensed SUGAR® Professionals

Why do SUGAR®?

SUGAR® stands for Sugar Use General Assessment Recording

We also use this acronym to remind ourselves that SUGAR® stands for “Sweet & Starchy, Ultra-processed, Grain based foods. 

SUGAR® is a diagnostic tool, a structured interview that examines patients / clients relationships to sugar /flour /processed foods

SUGAR® is the only diagnostic tool for “food addiction” but there are many screening tools (UNCOPE S, Yalescale and others)


The instrument is based on diagnostic criteria for harmful use and addiction to mind-altering drugs described in WHO’s ICD-10 (International Classification of Diseases and health related problems) and APA’s (American Psychiatric association) DSM5  (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders).


SUGAR® will help you to know if your brain has developed an addiction to these foods or if you have harmful use, the reason this is very important is that treatment methods are different for these two conditions.


Only certified SUGAR® practitioners are authorized to use the instrument. To become eligible, a certification/licensing education is required.

Bitten Jonsson and Börje Dahl

Here is a list of SUGAR® certified/licensed professionals world vide:

Clarissa Kennedy, RSW, FAC, SUGAR® Certified/Licensed, Mental Health/Addictions Certification


Food is not your enemy, diets are. When you begin to see food as medicine and learn practical strategies around eating, including the types of food to eat, it no longer controls your life it simply complements it.

Picture of Clarissa Kennedy
Picture of Jayn Steele

Jayn Steele, SUGAR® Certified/Licensed


I was labeled as ‘having an eating disorder’ for 30+ years. I tried many treatment programs – all emphasized ‘moderation of all foods’ – including residential in-patient and outpatient programs, psychotherapy and psychiatry (anti-depressants and other medications).


When I saw my problem was addiction – I FINALLY found a recovery protocol that worked.

Sanna Åbonde, SUGAR® Certified/Licensed, HMA- Holistic Medicine for Addiction Counselor, Recovery Coach & Body Consciousness practitioner


I noticed early in life (3 1/2 years) that I loved sugar, and that I didn’t eat like others, I stole, hid, sneaked, and had a hard time focusing on anything other than when I was going to eat sugar again.


I have always ”known” that something was wrong with me and that my willpower was not enough, as I saw in others.


The right fuel mix for my brain paired with tools to deal with the addictionbrain became my way to recovery.

Picture of Sanna Åbonde
Picture of Melanie Martin

Melanie Martin, mBANT DipION FdSc. SMHP, CNHC. SUGAR® Certified/licensed


I’m a Nutritional Therapist and coach and my passion is providing you with the tools to free yourself from years of dieting, feelings of failure, self-loathing, shame and confusion over why you just can’t do this moderation thing that everyone talks about!


Addiction to certain types of food are the piece of the puzzle that is missing for so many of us and the SUGAR tool is a powerful way to see if this is what underlies your struggles.


There is no one solution to finding freedom and peace around the choices we make many times a day about what to eat and drink.  It is different for every single one of us, so I use my knowledge of Nutrition science alongside compassionate coaching to guide you towards your own best solution.

Monica Boyer is a certified Ketogenic Lifestyle Coach, SUGAR® Certified/Licensed


Monica Boyer is a certified Ketogenic Lifestyle Coach who has lost over 120 lbs living the Ketogenic life and kept it off for nearly 4 years. She is also a Certified Life Coach. Monica is a wife, a mom to four children, and a zookeeper to the family critter zoo!

Picture of Monica Boyer
Image of Shelly Hutson

Shelly Hutson, Certified/Licensed SUGAR® and HMA®️ professional, Integrative Nutrition Wellness Recovery Coach


Hi, I’m Shelly – emotional eating expert, licensed sugar interviewer, integrative nutrition recovery coach, and living proof that you can conquer food addiction, once and for all.

Rachel Murray, BScN, RN, dōTERRA® Wellness Advocate, Registered Holistic Nutritionist™, SUGAR® Certified & Licensed


Hi, my name is Rachel Murray, and I’m a sugar and carb addict just like you!

Since my early teens, I quietly struggled with my health. It started with what I now refer to as restriction, but at that time, had I sought treatment, I would have been labelled as anorexic.

Image of Rachel Murray
Image of Molly Painschab

Molly Painschab, SUGAR® Certified/Licensed

Molly Painschab is a dual-licensed, national board-certified mental health and addiction counselor. She is licensed and certified in the SUGAR assessment and has completed the HMA and INFACT courses.

Shun Foreman, SUGAR® Certified/Licensed

I believe wholeheartedly that food addiction is real. My passion is to bring sugar awareness to communities of color through understanding how historical and present-day injuries impact health. I understand that everyone may not be able to live a sugar-free lifestyle, so I use history and health to motivate them to make the best food choices.

Image of Shun Foreman
Image of Barbara Chiles

Barbara Chiles, SUGAR® Certified/Licensed

Barbara is certified and licensed in the diagnostic assessment tool SUGAR®, is a Nutrition Network Advisor and is a member of The Society of Metabolic Health Practitioners.  She has a Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Texas.

Jennifer Waters-Blockert, SUGAR® Certified/Licensed

Image of Jennifer Waters-Blockert