Bittens Addiction | Certified/Licensed SUGAR® Professionals
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Certified/Licensed SUGAR® Professionals

Why do SUGAR ?

SUGAR® stands for Sugar Use General Assessment Recording

We also use this acronym to remind ourselves that SUGAR®  stands for “Sweet & Starchy, Ultra-processed, Grain based foods. 

SUGAR is a diagnostic tool , a structured interview that examines patients / clients relationships to sugar /flour /processed foods

SUGAR is the only diagnostic tool for “food addiction” but there are many screening tools (UNCOPE S, Yalescale and others)

The instrument is based on diagnostic criteria for harmful use and addiction to mind-altering drugs described in WHOs ICD-10 (International Classification of Diseases and health related problems) and  APAs  (American Psychiatric association) DSM5  (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders).

SUGAR will help you to know if your brain has developed an addiction to these foods or if you have harmful use, the reason this is very important is that treatment methods are different for these two conditions.

Only certified SUGAR® practitioners are authorized to use the instrument. To become eligible, a certification/licensing education is required.

Here is a list of SUGAR certified/licensed professionals world vide

(list is coming soon…)