Bittens Addiction | Wendy Moore
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Wendy Moore

Picture of Wendy Moore Standing

My certification as a Food Addiction Counsellor follows a successful career as a music teacher and a professional musician. I advocate for and practice a ketogenic lifestyle and am the founder and lead of Keto-Retreats in Ontario, Canada. I have trained as a personal fitness trainer and I have also enjoyed many years as a recreational triathlete, kayaker, and Masters swimmer. My personal experience with addiction and adhering to a keto/low-carbohydrate and sugar-abstinent food plan has been key to helping me to achieve optimal wellness and has enabled me to empathize with others, successfully helping them with their health journeys.



1. Sugar addiction screening and SUGAR® assessment  

This involves completing a detailed health/history questionnaire, an in-person Zoom interview, and a follow-up meeting providing a detailed summary with next next-step recommendations.

Cost: $300.00 USD (reduced to $200.00 if you register for any of my programs listed below).
This SUGAR® assessment is required prior to all interventional programs described below.


2. Food addiction personal coaching sessions • 6-week program

Initial free 30-minute consultation.
We mutually create a low-carb/keto food plan and book a 45-minute zoom meeting once a week for progress review and discussion. Daily accountability as required. Topics covered include nutritional dietary planning, craving strategies, relapse prevention, food label reading, self-care, dealing with social events and dining out. Tools and resources are provided.

Cost: $535.00 USD.

Additional sessions can be added.


3. A personal food plan with 10-day accountability program
Initial free 30-minute consultation.
We mutually create a low-carb/keto food plan and then have daily accountability correspondence. Tools and resources provided. Final review and suggested recommendations.
Cost: $200 USD. Extended time: $25.00 a day or $150.00/week.


4. A 28-day carnivore experiment
Food plan and specifics provided. A 30-minute preparation and follow-up zoom session. Resources and daily morning and evening texting accountability.
Cost: $350 USD.


5. Intensive private 2-day weekend keto/sugar addiction retreats
Initial free 30-minute consultation.
A personal retreat experience at our lakeside, three-season rustic cottage 2 hours from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
Included: Food (except certain specialty items), low-carb/keto meals, bedding, resources (hand-outs, a library of books, suggested YouTubes, podcasts), and open discussions. Activities available include swimming, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, hammock/leisure time, puzzles, games, and music lessons (guitar, ukulele, songwriting).

Cost: $750.00 USD per person/$1,200.00 USD per couple (shared bed). Transportation to cottage not included.



Name: Wendy Moore

Where are you? Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Email:,  Cell: +1 (613) 558-4933

Specialist in: Sugar addiction counseling, SUGAR® addiction assessment, keto coaching.
Training: INFACT, SUGAR® licensed, HMA® certified.
Do you do food plans? Yes, I specialize in low-carb/ketogenic/carnivore food plans.
Native language: English