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Tia Reid

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Tia Reid, CDM, CFPP, MHP


Director of Nutritional Services at Memorial Hospital, Chester, Illinois; LCHF/Keto Nutrition Coach; Accreditation through Society of Metabolic Health Practitioners; SUGAR Certified/Licensed


Specializes in:


Certified Health Coach Practitioner. I am passionate to guide others on their individual journeys to wellness. I specialize in helping clients focus on Low Carb, High Fat Keto Nutrition to heal their body. Especially those that have Pre diabetes, NAFLD, battle with weight and carbohydrate/food addiction. My goal is to encourage, guide and help clients sustain metabolic health by eating real Whole Foods while helping them with long lasting behavior change for sustainable weight management with the Proper Human Diet.




I am the Director of Nutritional Services, Certified Dietary Manager and Food Protection Professional at our local Critical Access Hospital.  Having been diagnosed with T2D, Metabolic Syndrome, Hypertension, Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver as well as Adrenal Insufficiency and carbohydrate addiction.  I realized it was high time I engaged in Self-Management of my chronic illness. I needed to, in effect, take action to improve my health to save my own life. Under the care of Dr. Robert Cywes, I adapted to the mindset that carbohydrates are an addiction same as alcohol is to an alcoholic or drugs to a drug addict. Realizing I was addicted to Sugar/Flour/Processed foods,  I was then able to treat my T2D and metabolic syndrome. This is what saved my life. It was abundantly clear that I am a carbohydrate/sugar addict. With the guidance from my Doctor Cywes and the LowCarb Community, I have eliminated over 20 medications including insulin pump titration, reversed my T2D, NAFLD, Hypertension and lost 85 pounds. I no longer need my CPAP to sleep.I now have a passion for life and a desire to help others.


I have over 35 years of experience in service based environments. From owning a restaurant and hotel to currently working in a hospital setting as the Director of Nutritional Services.


Because of my firsthand knowledge of how a LCHF lifestyle can help and even reverse NAFL, T2D, Obesity, Hypertension and Adrenal insufficiency and Gout.  I am enthusiastic to give others the therapeutic option of LCHF Nutrition on their individual journeys to wellness, as a Nutrition Network Coach Practitioner accredited by the Society of Metabolic Practitioners and Certified and Licensed SUGAR professional through Bitten Jonsson the international expert in Sugar and Carb addiction.



Coaches via:

Zoom, and face to face locally in Chester


Takes international clients.


Nutrition Network

Society of Metabolic Health practioners


Low Carb Lifestyle Hub





Instagram: @reidtia



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