Bittens Addiction | Sanna Åbonde
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Sanna Åbonde

Picture of Sanna Åbonde

Before this, there was psychotherapy and psychiatry, antidepressant tablets that I took for 24 years and other medications such as benzo. They diagnosed me as a person with an ”eating disorder” and ”depressed.” I started early in life to compensate with exercise, laxation, vomiting, etc. When I was helped to understand in adulthood that this was not an eating disorder, that the eating disorder was my addiction brain, then the pieces of the puzzle began to come into place.


I pushed myself to exhaustion time and time again and eventually had to be hospitalized because my heart almost stopped beating. In all these years, I was never asked about other outlets, i.e. do you smoke? do you drink a lot of alcohol? are you gambling? etc. they were only focused on ”eating a little bit of everything, and stop focusing on sugar.”


THE SOLUTION: The knowledge that I have an “addiction brain” and then I got the right treatment! Food became my medicine and I learned strategies to deal with my cravings, my anxiety, insomnia, etc. When the brain got the right fuel-mix, the healing started, along with a holistic treatment. So today I am in a stable recovery since over 8 years back, from sugar, nicotine, alcohol, benzo and other tablets etc.


So Sanna studied health in different ways, and also studied HMA & got certified/licensed in SUGAR®, for Bitten Jonsson, Addiction specialist. So since 2017 she helps clients all over the world by diagnosing for SUGAR®,, and then Sannas Recovery can offer adequate treatment for sugar/food addiction and more  other outlets, she speaks in addition to Swedish, fluent English.


She also lectures/educates in Suicide Prevention in schools, for the public and for professionals, Sanna works passionately to strengthen, support and spread knowledge in mental illness and addiction, AND what to do to feel better. And she loves to help people on their path to recovery.



If you would like to book a 30-minute free consultation, please email:


Instagram: @sannaabonde

Facebook: Sannas Recovery & Executive Coaching


Website:  my website will soon also be in English.