Bittens Addiction | Melanie Martin
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Melanie Martin

Picture of Melanie Martin

Mel is an experienced Nutritional Therapist and coach.

Her passion is helping her clients find freedom from what is often decades of battles with excess fat gain, other health issues and food choices.


She has recently also qualified to use Bitten Jonsson’s S.U.G.A.R, food addiction assessment tool and now works with food addicts too.

She tailors her advice to suit each individual client, often using a real food, low carb protocol to improve metabolic health and reverse insulin resistance.


She qualified in 2012 at The Institute for Optimum Nutrition, London and is a BANT and CNHC registered practitioner.

Soon after qualifying, she realised that using coaching to empower clients to find ’whole body,’ long term solutions in addition to dietary advice was what was missing from her practice.

So she found and completed a coaching qualification at the Institute for the Psychology of Eating in Colorado.


Hearing Bitten Jonsson speak a couple of years ago felt like a big missing piece of the puzzle had been found, Food Addiction.

She is now qualified and certified to use Bitten’s food addiction assessment tool called S.U.G.A.R and is completing a course in holistic addiction medicine.

She has also completed the Nutrition Network professional training in LCHF/Ketogenic nutrition and treatment and is continuing her learning journey with ongoing courses in Neurology and an advanced training in LCHF in clinical practice.


Melanie is on her own health journey after struggling with food addiction and health issues since her early teens. She has personal experience of the misery caused by chronic dieting, self-loathing and feeling stuck in a vicious circle of food restriction and crazy binges all wrapped up in a package of secrecy, shame and guilt.

For Melanie, this feels like her true calling. ”My clients’ stories humble me, I learn so much from them, and I am thankful for the opportunity that I have to make a positive difference in their lives.”


Web –

Where – UK

Name – Mel Martin

Contact info –  tel no 07496445739

Specialist – Nutritional Therapist dipION – Metabolic Health, weight loss, Type 2 Diabetes, Food Addiction

Then all ticks apart from breathing instructor.

Work – Online