Bittens Addiction | Kate Oliver
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Kate Oliver

Kate Oliver, UK-based SUGAR®- and HMA®-certified and licensed, ACRPS-certified, addiction recovery coach.
Are you struggling to stay food sober? Do you keep saying yes when you really mean no? Kate Oliver, a certified relapse prevention specialist, is experienced in guiding people back into recovery from sugar, carbs, and processed-food addiction. Backed by multiple certifications and a lifelong experience of yo-yo dieting, Kate uses cognitive restructuring techniques developed by the CENAPS Corporation to challenge the self-defeating behaviours and faulty perceptions we often hold about ourselves and buried deep inside.


”Doing this therapy has freed me in a way I never thought would be possible for me. I know why I am the way I am now. I also have a deep knowledge of the thoughts feelings, urges, action, actions and reactions that I typically exhibit when am headed for relapse – but now I have a plan written down on how to manage all of those things to support me in my sobriety. I cannot be more grateful for the freedom and peace that this therapy has given me.”


”The experience has been transformative, and I now have a more profound understanding of my addiction and its origins. It has empowered me to approach my recovery with renewed determination and self-compassion.”


”Although going deep is challenging, it’s what I have yearned for, and to do, for many years. Getting to the heart of my addiction and relapse triggers and cues will hopefully better equip me and strengthen my resolve to just walk away… You’re a consummate professional in how you conduct the session and answer my queries. With deep gratitude.”


”Once again, I would like to express my gratitude for your assistance and support throughout this process. Your expertise and genuine care have made a significant impact on my life, and I am genuinely appreciative.”


”From the first email, I could feel Kate’s empathy and care. She suggested a call and I knew I was in good hands from that point.”


”Gentle, clear, and thorough are words that come to mind when I think about my time working with Kate. She helped me go deep into the history of my sugar addiction to reveal patterns and experiences that have brought me to where I am today. Kate also has helped me lay out a plan for moving forward towards freedom and recovery. She is approachable, understanding and her encouragement is palpable. Kate has extensive knowledge around sugar addiction, diagnosis and recovery.”


“Kate was so professional and put me at ease. She explained everything about the process fully and the steps we would follow along the way. Kate has such a calming and compassionate nature and if I didn’t understand anything she would elaborate and go into detail of what it meant in order for me to understand and answer the questions honestly in order to get an accurate evaluation. Once I got my results, it was like a light bulb moment it just clicked.”


”I would highly recommend Kate for her professionalism, but she delivered it in a way where you felt at total ease, relaxed, and fully trusted her with the process. Her knowledge and insight and explanation process of it all just made the whole experience spot on for me. And the follow ups and information she provides with the evaluation is very valuable.”


Today Kate lives in West Yorkshire, UK with her husband and her dog Ted. She enjoys life to the full in recovery from sugar addiction and has a passion to bring others into living their best life.

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