Bittens Addiction | Judy Wolfe
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Judy Wolfe

Image of Judy Wolfe

Judy ‘No Matter What’ Wolfe is a low-bottom, high-maintenance food addict, and a person of more (no amount is enough). Her passion is to help peeps like her, recover from sugar/processed food & volume addiction.


She is known for her 80lb Cheese Curl. She thought one bite couldn’t hurt…13 years and 80lbs later she now knows not to take that first bite NMW
(No Matter What), just for today.


As co-founder of SUGARx Global, Judy helped develop a system based on CARE (Connection, Action Steps, Recovery Protection, and Education) as the foundation for addicts to Grow. Recover. Transform.


She can be reached at:
Twitter: @judywolfeSRx