Bittens Addiction | Jennifer Waters-Blockert
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Jennifer Waters-Blockert

Image of Jennifer Waters-Blockert

Jennifer started her journey of recovery in 2001 when she got into treatment for Sugar addiction. Learning from Bitten Jonsson that her eating disorder was in fact coping strategies for a sugar addiction. She did turn around her life, removing the alcoholic foods such as sugar/flour and prioritizing her recovery. It gave her the freedom and the life she always wanted.


I want to be able to help people to recover as I have done and help them get the freedom.


In recovery she took a degree in Psychology with the focus on Psychosynthesis ( working as a therapist in Stockholm in her own practice. She did get the opportunity to be in charge of the woman’s group in a rehab in Stockholm, Step One rehab ( During three years she did work and help woman recovering from a serious drug- and alcohol addiction. However Jennifer did have the desire to work with clients with a sugar addiction, her drug of choice. This had her finish her degree as a sugar addiction counselor with Bitten Jonsson HMA (


2015 Jennifer started working as a therapist at Sockerskolan ( treating sugar addiction. At the company she leads groups through a 9 weeks treatments online, always using the SUGAR tool beforehand. Other specialties are to customize food plans for her patients and working with relapse prevention, individual sessions and biochemical repair. She is well used to handling people with addiction. Helping many clients to recover.


Sockerskolan is now expanding internationally growing into the Sugar addiction school ( Jennifer is the one in charge of the English speaking treatment.


Being on the journey towards sugar addiction becoming an established addiction like other addictive diseases is fantastic.

I'm so grateful for the treatment and Jennifer. It exceeded all expectations, Jennifer is super professional. She listens, engages and rejoices with us or on the contrary fights with us. She shares a lot about her own journey and is inspiring and wise. I was caught already after the first lesson.

Instagram: @sugarjen

Facebook: sugaraddictionschool /  sockerskolan

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Phone: +47 708 76 71 62