Bittens Addiction | Hanna Gillving
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Hanna Gillving

Hanna Gillving, SUGAR®-certified/licensed holistic addiction medicine specialist, functional medicine therapist, holistic health consultant, and teacher.

Hanna is a Swedish authority on ancient practices for health and happiness. She offers 1-on-1 coaching for clients internationally via Zoom. Hanna is also the author of KETO-licious, a guide on how to use food, breath and ancestral lifestyle habits to heal from addiction, optimize health, and thrive in life.


Parallel to her work as a holistic addiction medicine specialist educated by Bitten Jonsson, she is a functional medicine therapist, nutritionist, and functional breathing coach. She offers 1-on-1 consultations for individuals seeking to take their health, well-being, recovery, and respiratory fitness to higher levels, by investigating the root causes of various health problems or diffuse symptoms. Hanna creates tailor-made protocols by using food, breathwork, and lifestyle as potent tools, with a holistic approach to wellness informed by evolutionary science. She has a growth mindset and her mission is to raise awareness of approved natural methods for finding harmony and homeostasis, both through coaching, teaching, and writing.


Hanna spent many years seeking solutions starting at a very young age. She has personal experience of sugar addiction, biochemical imbalances and mood problems, orthorexia, workaholism, HPA-axis-dysfunction (burnout), hormonal imbalances, and hypothyroidism (weight gain, low energy, and impaired metabolism). By diving deep into the wells of functional medicine and holistic addiction medicine, Hanna found the keys that she needed to get sober, heal, and live life thriving in recovery.


She found a sugar-free lifestyle with nutrient-dense animal protein, healthy fats, and breath as medicine in 2014, when going on a personal health journey and deepening her Ashtanga yoga practice in the jungles of Thailand. After leaving her former career in the Swedish investment business, she chose to walk her true path of becoming a holistic health professional and teacher. In 2019, she published her first book, KETO-licious, as a result of her own journey, her scientific research, and studies within the areas of holistic health and addiction. The book is a pedagogical source of information for everyone who wants to learn, be inspired, or need concrete tools on how to get started with keto, low-carb, or carnivore and reap all the benefits of a sugar-free lifestyle, whether you’re an addict living in recovery or a normie.
Her main intention with the book is to…

  • Help put sugar addiction on the map, in an easy-to-grasp and pedagogical way.
  • Offer concrete guidance for all humans who want to navigate their way forward to their very best health and well-being.
  • Contribute to public health by sharing the scientific knowledge of low-carb, high-fat, keto, and carnivore as therapeutic, powerful tools for reversing chronic illnesses, battling addiction, and improving mental health.


During the pandemic, Hanna has also specialized in diving deeper into the science of the breath, and today her two main pillars for helping clients to build a solid foundation in health and well-being, are functional food and functional breathing patterns.


Hanna offers a package of 1 SUGAR® screening and 3 follow-up consultations for the individual who wants to get started on his/her journey to living life in recovery, receive a tailor-made food plan and learn tools for staying sober, stress-resilient and sugar-free. Visit her website to learn more and connect.
Hanna’s top 3 benefits of living a sugar-free lifestyle

  • The calmness: it’s a game-changer for mental well-being, bringing peace and serenity both to the mind, brain, and body.
  • The connection: with one’s true self, innate resourcefulness as well as the physical body
  • Life in technicolor: it’s a direct gateway to joy, creativity, and feeling instead of being emotionally shut off.


Hanna’s top 3 breathwork benefits

  • The long-term positive impact on her addictive brain biochemistry.
  • The gentle cleanse and de-cluttering of her high-performing mind
  • Increased connection with herself, her physical body, and innate intuition a.k.a. her higher power.

Hanna’s number one life lesson:
“I’m a typical Type A personality who has humbly learned that you don’t need to go hard to go all in”.


  • Holistic addiction medicine specialist (Bitten’s Addiction).
  • SUGAR® (Bitten Jonsson and Börje Dahl)
  • Functional medicine therapist (Funktionsmedicinska Institutet).
  • Nutritionist and sports nutrition coach (Paleo Institute)
  • Breath guide (hale breathing in Stockholm)
  • Neuro-linguistic programming practitioner (Zetetic)
  • Yoga instructor (All Yoga Thailand)

Connect with Hanna at: