Bittens Addiction | Frida Sandin
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Frida Sandin

Image of Frida Sandin

Frida Sandin SUGAR® Certified/Licensed, author, Public Health Scientist and HMA therapist (Holistic Medicinefor Addiction).  Since 2016, I operate the treatment home Leva Sockerfri (sugarfree living) in Linköping where we offer long-term treatment of addiction as a chronic disease and where recovery is in focus through our model for long-term work with recovery and resilience


My heart beats for health and it always has. For me, health didn’t exist without first dealing with my sugar addiction that had taken command of my life. I no longer decided the course of my life. In 2014, I enlisted for the help of Bitten Jonsson – and since then I have been a sober foodaddict. Seeking help with Bitten,  my health improved fast and there and then i decided that I wanted to help others feel just as good. It was the start of my journey to professional work with sugar addiction. I studied to become a HMA therapist (Holistic Medicine for  Addiction) and became SUGAR® Certified/Licensed.


Somewhere along the way I met Charlotte Schön Poulsen and we started inhouse treatment through intensive detox back in 2016. We got it all started with a brainstorming walk along the creek we both live next to. A walk that we still do – every morning at 07.30 AM. Now as a work meeting to structure the workday at LevaSockerfri, discuss clients and next steps for them and get a natural injection of energy starting the day.


Together with Charlotte, I run Leva Sockerfri. We offer:

  • Free consultations for sugar addiction
  • Individualized long-term treatment plans
  • Treatment center for sugar addiction, stay in for a week in Linköping or go with us to Nerja in Spain
  • 14 weeks of online primary treatment
  • Individual course activities online and on site in Linköping
  • Individual conversations with coaching, mapping of health factors, biochemical repair, food planning and of course also SUGAR®
  • Lectures for companies and organizations


Published books:

  • Learn to Live Sugar-Free, Self-Help Book for Sugar Addiction
  • Cookbook – tasty recipes, without sugar without gluten.