Bittens Addiction | Cheryl Poulin
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Cheryl Poulin

Picture of Cheryl Poulin

SUGAR® licensed and certified by Bitten Jonsson, author, trainer, and lecturer.
iPEC Certified Professional Coach, CPC
iPEC Certified Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, ELI-MP
Completed LCHF/Ketogenic Nutrition and Treatment – Nutrition Network
Completed Addictive Eating – Nutrition Network


Addiction happens in the brain, but it manifests outwardly as a mess of many symptoms. I spent most of my adult life trying to fix those symptoms.


I’m a recovering alcohol addict who transitioned to food addiction 4 years after quitting alcohol. When I recognized I was eating in the same way I used to drink, I sought and received the help I needed to get well. I learned the solution I needed had to come from within. That is where the real change must be made. What I discovered led me down the path of wanting to help others with food addiction issues.


I’ve been a certified life coach since 2014. I’m passionate about the power of coaching. It helps break down barriers to assist others to attain new heights and to live in optimal health.


As a professional coach, I know that lasting change comes from the inside. I walk with my clients on their journey and expose new possibilities and perspectives for them to consider and to provide focus on what motivates or blocks their progress towards their goals.


As a SUGAR® licensed and certified specialist, I’m equipped to assess my clients in terms of their addiction to sugar(s) and help prepare them for a better future. This is an important step in identifying the real problem. It’s the first of many steps along the journey to recovery.


My education and learning continue. Presently, I’m enrolled in a program to become a certified food addiction counsellor. I’m working towards my certification as a Holistic Medicine for Addiction® (HMA®) Specialist with Bitten Jonsson. This will enhance my ability to focus my coaching to help my clients to recover their lives with freedom from food addiction.


I have completed a professional training course in LCHF/Ketogenic Nutrition and Treatment as well as Addictive Eating Training with Nutrition Network. I’ve also completed training courses offered by Drs. Eric Westman and Vera Tarman. This allows me to assist my clients in mastering a low-carb, ketogenic way of life. I personally follow a low-carbohydrate lifestyle to heal from food addiction and to optimize my health. I like to say I’m a work in progress!


It’s my deep pleasure to help men and women achieve the same measure of success that I have experienced. My understanding and a ton of empathy help me support my clients to successful outcomes. I’ve “been there and done that”.


My current toolbox includes the diagnostic SUGAR® tool to determine the addiction to sugar. In addition, I use the ELI® assessment tool to help my clients discover the attitudinal tendencies that drive their behaviour.


I’m currently developing new coaching programs to focus on individual needs. And I intend to deliver one-on-one coaching, as well as group sessions. My new website will launch in the latter part 2023.


During my spare time, I paint and make art. It is a meditative outlet that fuels me and regenerates my spirit. I live with my husband and two mischievous cats in a beautiful, wooded country setting.


For more information, you can contact Cheryl at


Phone: 613-832-4099

Located in Ottawa, Ontario Canada