Bittens Addiction | Charlotte Schön Poulsen
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Charlotte Schön Poulsen

Image of Charlotte Schön Poulsen

Charlotte Schön Poulsen SUGAR®-certified and licensed, author, alcohol and drug therapist. Since 2016, Frida Sandin and I have operated the treatment home Leva Sockerfri (sugar-free living) in Linköping where we offer long-term treatment of addiction as a chronic disease and where recovery is in focus through our model for long-term work with recovery and resilience.


I am an odd bird in this context as I have never had a sugar addiction myself. However, I have experience of several different addiction outlets through clinical work, education, and close relationships earlier in life.


I experience this as positive – that with an understanding of addiction, I can also bring in perspectives from the “outside”. I can sometimes tab in – now it’s the ”addiction that speaks” – or – a ”normie” doesn’t see this


It’s important to have an understanding of incomprehension — being able to see and show respect for ”the thinking on the other side” — no matter what that side is.


Although I don’t have a food addiction, I also have a personal history including food – and it’s based on 40 years of constant struggle with IBS, where the cause of my problems was based on sensitivity to starch, and thus a dietary solution similar to that of sugar addiction.


However, I have the luxury that my brain is not kidnapped, only my body takes the beating.


Together with Frida Sandin, we at LevaSockerfri (Sugar-free living) offer:

  • Free consultations for sugar addiction
  • Individualized long-term treatment plans
  • Individual treatment with coaching, mapping of resilience, biochemical repair, food planning and of course also SUGAR®


Published books:

Learn to Live Sugar-Free, Self-Help Book for Sugar Addiction (in Swedish).

Cookbook – tasty recipes, sugar-free, gluten-free (in Swedish).