Bittens Addiction | Annica Strandberg – Schmidt
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Annica Strandberg – Schmidt

Picture of Annica Strandberg – Schmidt

Addiction specialist, HMA®️-certified and SUGAR®-certified and licensed by Bitten Jonsson. Author, instructor in Conscious Breathing, certified in relapse prevention therapy by Cenaps Corporation, and has a YouTube channel where you can find inspiration and knowledge. Annica is a tutor in Bitten Jonsson’s SUGAR training.


Specializes in:

Children and sugar. She has released a book called “Små Sockerbomber och vuxna barn” (transl. “Small Sugarbombs and Adult Children”) where she teaches about Sugar addiction and give hands on advice how to make changes related to food together with your children and being a parent and recovering sugar addict. Her hope is to provide support for parents so they can make the change they themselves are ready to do and find ways to support young people that wants to make changes and live a healthy life.



I live on a dairy farm in the western part of Sweden together with my husband and children. I am passionate about teaching about good food and the way we produce it. Meat is not a burden to our planet!

I have a lot of experience working with children and parents related to sugar addiction and have been working in the field since 2010.

I have a recovery story of my own and as I started my journey in 2006, my children were small, which made me do all the research on children and sugar, food, parenting and recovery that ended up with me writing the book. My children were born in 2002, 2004, and 2009.


I have firsthand knowledge of how an LCHF and keto lifestyle may cure deep depression and how removing sugar, flour, sweeteners, and carbs can make your spirit soar and your body and brain healthy, functioning, strong, and thriving on your right fuel mix!

I have experience guiding approximately 400 clients with making food plans, biochemical repair, relapse prevention, recovery plans, and motivational sessions.


Coaches via:



Works with international clients.




Instagram: @annicastrandbergschmidt



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