Bittens Addiction | Annabeth Hall
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Annabeth Hall

SUGAR®/HMA®-certified and licensed, behavioral scientist.

Coach and responsible for the mental part of the company and the training/nutrition program 16 Weeks Of Hell. Many years of experience in therapy aimed at people with alcohol, drug, and gambling addictions and their relatives. Long experience as manager of operations focused on addiction problems.


I am a trained behavioral scientist with psychology as my main field of study and I have taken several refresher courses, especially in CBT and leadership. Before I started working full-time at the company and the training-/nutrition program 16 Weeks Of Hell, I worked for many years in Social Services and psychiatry, always in activities aimed at addiction. My professional roles have been many, such as call handler, process manager, team leader, project manager, unit manager, etc. My main knowledge and professional experience is, except for leadership, about addiction and co-dependency, especially regarding alcohol, drugs, and gambling for money. I have no experience of addiction on my own, but I have addiction among relatives and family of origin. My best tool in my work has always been the conversation/meeting even during my years as a manager.


In 2017, my partner Tony Andersson founded the training/nutrition program 16 Weeks Of Hell (16WOH), which I have been very committed to since then. In the fall of 2021, I took the step and resigned from my position as manager in social services to work full-time with 16WOH, which I am incredibly happy about! Now I get to work with what I’m passionate about – health- both physical and mental which are 100 percent connected. I work as a coach and I am responsible for the development of the mental part of the company where I, among other things, do groups for former participants, digital and physical, in relapse prevention. Many of our 8,000 participants so far have had to struggle with sugar, so I wanted more knowledge on the subject to be able to help in the best way, which is why I chose to train with Bitten.


I live in a villa in Eskilstuna together with my partner and our three children. I have always been active and liked to exercise a lot as I realized quite early in life that it does me well not only physically but also mentally, which felt especially important to me as I have mental illness close to me in my family of origin.


Contact details:


Instagram: @annabeth16woh