Bittens Addiction | Molly Painschab
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Molly Painschab

Image of Molly Painschab

Molly Painschab is a dual-licensed, national board-certified mental health and addiction counselor. She is licensed and certified in the SUGAR assessment and has completed the HMA and INFACT courses.


Molly has experience coaching individuals and their family members through recovery management. Her background in addiction treatment while working with individuals being supervised by the Department of Corrections, Child Protective Services, and other Court-Ordered situations inform her solution-focused and forward-thinking style.


She is a co-founder of the Sugar & Food Addiction Professional Association and is a co-host of the Food Junkies Podcast.


Molly is also an International Advisory Board Member for the Food Addiction Institute.


Follow Molly:
Twitter: @PainschabMolly
Food Junkies Podcast: