Bittens Addiction | Lotta Malmberg
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Lotta Malmberg

SUGAR® licensed and certified by Bitten Jonsson, clinical CBT/DBT psychotherapist in private practice for the past 20+ years, behavioral scientist, addiction specialist.
INFACT school certified food addiction professional, February 2022.
SUGAR® licensed/certified, September 2022.
Starting Sa sugar addiction recovery program in Gozo, Malta, November 2022.
Not a fan of titles or post-nominal letters


I have worked with people all my life, the operative word being ”with”. Started young, working in my parents’ shoe stores, and learned from an early age that the customer is always right (unlike clients… 🙂 ), I have a high level of service mind and eye for details. Moved on to the hotel industry where the same conditions were the reality and a necessity.


I started my university studies later than most, at 29, and spent about six years studying behavioral sciences, mainly psychology in various forms, with my main focus on cognitive psychology. I am a skilled listener, which enables me to get my clients exactly where and what they are looking for – and often beyond that.


I believe in lifelong learning, so I need different areas in my life that constantly challenge me to broaden my views and grow. In my work as a therapist, life coach, and educator, I find that being part of the process in which my clients reach their goals and potential is such a privilege and it constantly teaches me so much about humans – including myself. The common denominator in everything I do is people – bringing them together and assisting them to be all that they can be.


Methods: CBT/DBT, motivational interviewing, solution-focused brief therapy, using a 12-step inspired approach.



  • Addiction, sugar/food addiction, codependency, prevention strategies, trauma/crisis therapy, debriefing, communication and language awareness/development, personal development, and growth. 
  • Assisting in getting the best and most in and out of individuals and groups.
  • Efficient behavioral strategies in any and all situations.


– I work with individuals, couples, and any variation of groups; workplaces, families, sports teams, etc.

– Launching an annual 1-year sugar addiction recovery program with a 4-day intensive in Gozo, Malta in November 2022.

– I am living in recovery from alcohol addiction since September 15, 1993.

– I work internationally via Skype (soon also Zoom) and in person in Gozo, Malta.

– My mother tongue is Swedish. Fluent in English. I also work in Danish and Norwegian.


When I don’t work, I spend most of my time with my dogs, with friends, or ride my motorcycle. I love to watch sports, movies, and series, am a child of nature, and have a pathological need to be close to the ocean (now it’s the Mediterranian sea), and music. I play the piano, write songs and sing – when I am alone. For as long as I can remember I have had a deep-running curiosity about humans, which is a great asset in my work and in my life.