Bittens Addiction | Clarissa Kennedy
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Clarissa Kennedy

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Why is it so important to do a SUGAR® diagnostic evaluation


Denial. This is probably the most common and most virulent defense utilized by food and sugar addicts. With denial, we lie to ourselves. Denial distorts reality. With denial, we massively ignore what is real. We refuse to accept reality.  


Food addiction is the disease which convinces us that we don’t have a disease. The denial must be broken before recovery can take place. The SUGAR tool gives the clients a picture of their disase from their early childhood years and how it has negatively affected their whole life. It is impossible to ignore once this awareness has been created for the individuals you are working with.

About Clarissa:

Hi my name is Clarissa and I’m a Food Addict. The problem was that for most of my life I didn’t know it. I just always thought that something was wrong with me or that I didn’t have enough will power when it came to how much I ate. I fought daily to control my weight and my obsessive compulsive thinking about food. Then I was introduced to the concept of Food Addiction and it was like someone finally switched on the lights in my mind. Today I have a SOLUTION and practical strategies to maintain that solution. I have a freedom with real food now that I never thought was possible and I am fortunate enough to get to work with others to help them find this solution too. Food is not your enemy, diets are. When you learn how and what to eat it will merely compliment your life not define it. The goal of this treatment is for you to find peace with food.


Clarissa has worked in the addiction and mental health fields for the past 12 years. She is a registered social worker, has an additional degree in addicitons and mental health and enjoys a reputation as being a skillful, yet “down-to-earth” clinican with common-sense, actionable solutions to problems that occur when clients are struggling with food addiction recovery, substance use issues and eating disorders. Clarissa founded Reinvent Your Bliss Point in 2018 where she works with individuals based on a holistic approach to healing and maintaining recovery. 


She has a passion for empowering and supporting individuals, coupled with her commitment to education and best practice, provides clients with a strong, supportive foundation to assist in navigating challenging times for them and loved ones. Her empathetic regard for each individual’s unique challenges and strengths fuels her commitment to helping people on their path to healing from food and the behavioural and emotional health issues that are attached to it. She hopes to create real change in the awareness of the disease of Food Addiction & launched the podcast Food Junkies: Recovery from Food Addiction with Dr. Vera Tarman and Molly Painschab this year.



Clarissa is currently enrolled in Bitten Jonsson’s Holistic Medicine for Addiction Course. She is on the Board of the Food Addiction Institute and was part of the team responsible for the submission of Food Addiction to the International Classification of Diseases published by the World Health Organization this year. Clarissa recently presented Food Addiction at the Ontario Association of Mental Health Professionals in September and co-hosted the world’s first ever Food Addiction Summit with the Food Junkies Podcast team. 



Instagram: @reinventyourblisspoint

Facebook: Clarissa Kennedy



Contact Clarissa and she can tell you about the program she can offer starting with SUGAR and then 4 weekly sessions to secure you abstinence: